COLOPL is laser-focused on VR.

For the past two years, COLOPL has focused attention on the potential of VR and pursued research and development in this field.
Currently, several dozen developers are assigned to VR games development in COLOPL.
In addition, COLOPL has established a subsidiary that specializes in 360-degree
video and is focusing resources on the VR video field.

VR is a platform.

The potential of a technology to be widely adopted depends
on whether or not it becomes a platform.
Personal computers, the Internet,
and smartphones were all platforms
that offered new experiences and sensations.
We are convinced that VR will become a platform
that provides a completely new experience
unlike anything human beings have ever experienced before.

Colopl VR Fund

COLOPL is committed to making up-front investments in VR and is launching a US$50 million fund.

We will actively invest in the following categories

  • HMDs(Head-Mounted Displays)
  • VR content
  • Development tools and equipment
  • Distribution platforms
  • Input devices

In the future

In the not too distant future, something
that far exceeds anything we now envision is poised to occur.
A world beyond our imagination lies just ahead.
Let’s change the world
and shape its future together.